Affordable Home Improvements: Kick it at the Curb

This home improvement is undeniable in every market.  The better your home looks when the buyers pull up, the more favorable their opinion will be when they walk through the door.  Leave your house and walk across the street.  Now look back at your house with fresh eyes.  What do you see?

Consider the following:

  1. Is your lawn edged,  manicured and healthy?
  2. Do the trees and shrubs look as though they’ve been professionally trimmed?
  3. Is there fresh fresh mulch?
  4. Is it bland?  Would a fresh punch of color from perennials, annuals or a couple of well placed ceramic-style planters (not the bright white plastic ones!) make a stronger visual impact?
  5. Are the walkways clear and in good condition?
  6. Is the front door welcoming and in good condition? (no faded paint, peeling or rotting)
  7. Are the windows clean?
  8. Are the outside walls clean and free of mold, moss and dirt?
  9. Do any repairs need to be made to shutters, trim, downspouts or gutters? Are they free of debris?
  10. Is the porch light in style and untarnished?
  11. If there’s a screen door, is it clean and in good condition?
  12. Does the driveway need to be blacktopped or repaired?

In the autumn, trim back those bushes so they continue to provide nice garden architecture even under some snow.  In the winter, the driveway and walkway should be cleared daily and salted as required.

Spend some time and kick it at the curb.  Be honest with yourself, repair what needs to be done so the buyers can’t wait to see what’s inside.  It’s your decision what you do to prepare a property for sale. Just don’t give your Realtor a hard time if she tells you honestly what needs to be done for the best shot at the dollar amount you’re looking for!

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