Affordable Home Improvements: Mini Kitchen Lift

If you’re planning on selling and realize your kitchen is outdated, it doesn’t make sense to invest in a 5 digit kitchen renovation expense. There are a few mini-kitchen updates you can do to improve the desirability of your house. Home buyers still consider the kitchen the heart of a home and some will reject a home based on how current the kitchen decor is.

Lighten and brighten continues to be the name of the renovation game right now. Any one or combination of these mini-updates will improve the marketability of your home.

  1. Add track lighting, update light fixtures
  2. Paint dark cabinets a lighter color (remember to prepare the surface properly beforehand!)
  3. Update counters with granite or another look-alike surface
  4. Update fixtures from brass or gold to brushed nickel or something similar
  5. Remove wallpaper and dark colors by painting the room a lighter color scheme
  6. Update the floor to hardwood, ceramic tile or a look-alike