Selling a Home the Feng Shui Way

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At the most basic level, feng shui is about paying close attention to space from a ch’i* perspective. In other words, it’s understanding how color, placement, furnishings, accents, neighbors, location, etc. impact its inhabitants. For example, if you have a chaotic office, you may be ineffective in your work. If you have a yang (active) bedroom, you may not sleep well. If you have crowded rooms, you may not breathe deeply. If you have blocked doors and walkways, you may experience lack of flow in your life.

When it comes to selling your home, there are common sense feng shui tips to consider.

  • The approach to your home sets the tone for the entire experience. It’s difficult to erase a bad first impression. Make sure your front entrance is welcoming & accessible. Paint your front door a unique color. Ensure your walkways are cleared & safe.
  • Give buyers an opportunity to experience something pleasant on the way into your home. For example, add wind chimes, interesting accents & appropriate greens.
  • Make your address clearly visible from the street.
  • Clean, remove clutter & fix anything broken, otherwise there’s stagnant energy present which many people can sense.
  • Make sure doors open freely & walkways inside are unobstructed.
  • Give your potential buyers a sensory rest by paring down accents, knick knacks, art, objects and personal items.
  • Place desks, sofas, and beds in the command position which means you can see the entrance without being directly in front of it.
  • Clean all windows.
  • Have a good friend give you a smell check. There’s nothing more off putting than unpleasant odors in your space.
  • Get things flowing by changing up your room’s layout and adding new accents.
  • Add live plants to boost the vitality of your home.
  • Brighten up space with full spectrum lighting and open up space with mirrors.

Finally, I do recommend that you celebrate the years of service your home has provided. You may do this by simply standing in each room and acknowledging your memories with your gratitude.

* ch’i –  life force energy that permeates the universe and all of nature.

catherine_hilkerCatherine Hilker is a well known Feng Shui consultant in the Detroit area, a Master Teacher of Interior Alignment™, an Empowerment Life Coach and artist. She is owner of Creating Sanctuary, a business dedicated to providing Feng Shui Consultations, Space Clearing Services, Feng Shui training an Inner Feng Shui Life Coaching. Her practice focuses on a holistic approach in assisting individuals in their lives and personal spaces to make permanent and positive change.

To find out more about the feng shui way, connect with Catherine Hilker on her web site Creating Sanctuary, her personal blog, or on twitter.


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