Waterfront Highs & Lows

So many people searching for waterfront homes may or may not understand how a home’s value can vary based on the name of the lake the home is situated on. The size and depth of the lake and whether it is “all sports” or not, appeals or dissuades buyers, which in turn drives the price of the homes. For example, all-sports Carroll Lake has fewer buyers interested in properties than Union Lake, which is only a mile further down the road. The desirability is reflected in the value of the homes that grace each shoreline.

Waterfront Sales in the Commerce MI area

Waterfront Sales in the Commerce MI area

The following is a list of some local lakes and their high sales and low sales for 2010. This should give you a very general idea of the range of value of the homes on each of the lakes mentioned. Keep in mind many of the homes on these lakes can vary from original lake cottages to rebuilt luxury waterfront residences.

Lake Low $ Sold High $ Sold
Commerce $125,000.00 $515,000.00
Union $238,000.00 $727,000.00
Fox $166,900.00 $448,500.00
Sherwood $230,000.00 $515,000.00
Upper Strait $252,000.00 $312,000.00
Middle Strait $380,000.00 $831,500.00
Lower Strait $810,000.00 $1,000,000.00
Wolverine $160,000.00 $662,500.00
Walled $117,000.00 $675,000.00
Sugden $87,000.00 $292,500.00
Long $85,000.00 $85,000.00

If there is a particular lake you would like to see the statistics on, let me know I’d be happy to get you the information.