6 Reasons to List Your Home Through the Holidays!

  1. It’s the perfect conditions for listing. Decorate your home early, so that it’s warm and inviting, showing off all the best features…and your competition is limited, as other sellers take their homes off the market for a couple of months during the holidays.
  2. January is a time for new beginnings; new jobs, moving to a larger or smaller home, fresh resolutions about living well, etc.  That can include buying a new home. Your home needs to be on the market now for the motivated buyers that are planning to move in the New Year.
  3. Because the tax year ends December 31, buyers may buy now, rather than waiting until January.  These are very motivated buyers!
  4. This is the perfect time for sellers!  Buyers are sorting themselves out to your advantage.  The casual buyers are busy with holiday parties and plans, only serious buyers are looking now. And these buyers know that motivated sellers are listing their homes now. It’s a great combination for you!
  5. Smart sellers know they can list now without impacting their holiday plans.  Decorate with care and early for great showings, and let your Realtor know if you plan to travel so they can check on your home and show it often while you’re gone.  Plus, if you sell now, you can arrange for a more convenient closing in the New Year!
  6. Your home looks great for the holidays, smells terrific, too, but you’re concerned that you should wait for “good weather” to show your home off to it’s best advantage? There is a solution!  Display framed photos of your home in spring and summer along with other info about the home.  Buyers will respond to your smart marketing, and have visual proof of how fabulous your home is in the warmer months!