The American Story of our Generation

Bank of America: You Say You’re Here To Help? PROVE IT! from melissa brodsky on Vimeo.

Melissa Brodsky, wife, mother, blogger, humorist, will soon be removing “homeowner” from her list of achievements. Like so many Americans who are trying to save their homes, she describes her personal situation matter of factly, and yet hearing the pain between her words, brings tears to my eyes. This story, and others like it, was part of the reason I stopped selling real estate. Dealing with the banks was frustrating. Finding legitimate buyers for short sales, only to have the bank choose to foreclose and ultimately sell at a lesser price is maddening. But NOTHING compares to the heart wrenching sadness when a family has done everything right, worked hard their whole lives, jumped through all the modification or short sale hoops, only to lose their homes due to circumstances beyond their control… after being strung along by a bank.

This is the American Story of our Generation. We need to rewrite the ending.

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