5 Interesting Luxury Items to Gift Your House

If walls could talk, this is what your house would want for Christmas!

  1. Luxury Firepit

    Elena Columbo Fire Features.


    Enjoy gallery worthy art while roasting marshmallows and having a nightcap with this nature inspired installation by Elena Columbo. Price tag? $40,000.

  2. A Remote Controlled Toilet

    Numi Toilet by Kohler

    The Kohler Numi puts a whole new twist on elimination with it’s heated seat, heated feet, well-lit, built-in bidet, musical toilet. You can feel great about the $6390 list price because, according to Kohler, the water efficiency is unrivaled. Watch the video.

  3. Colorful Art

    Herb Williams Pear Sculpture
  4. Here’s your conversation piece… Herb Williams’ First Fruit Pear Sculpture… made from green crayons. This unique piece is made specifically for you at an investment of $6400. May I suggest keeping it away from the kids?

  5. Out of Sight Office

    Restoration Hardware Steamer Trunk Office
  6. The Richards’ Secretary Trunk is the perfect solution for those of us who have a hard time walking away from the home office. Just close it up when you’re done for the day. Available at Restoration Hardwarefor the sale price of $3145.

  7. Sunny Side Shag

    Egg throw rug


    If you miss shag carpet and love whimsy, then this rug will crack you up. It’s the perfect home accessory for breakfast lovers everywhere. Contact Word of Mouth Bali directly, prices were not posted.