John Goodman’s New Orleans Home for Sale

This neoclassical mansion located in the Garden District of New Orleans belongs to John Goodman. Goodman played Dan Conner on Roseanne, and most recently Al Zimmer in The Artist.

Goodman purchased this mansion from Trent Reznor from the Nine Inch Nails in February 2005 for 1.8 million. It’s currently listed with Gardner Realtors for $12,500,000.

Built in the 1800’s, this 9 bedroom, 8 full, 2 half bath home is over 12,000 square feet and is the finest in the area if not in all of New Orleans. The interior is stunning traditional opulence.

The above pond is at the corner of the property and the sign notifies passers-by that coins tossed are donated to Make-a-Wish Foundation.



  1. Hi there, Just wanted to let you know this isn’t John Goodmans house. We just took a tour today of the garden district and the guide showed us his house (another house) and this one was purchased by a couple from New Jersey many years ago who fixed it up and restored it.

  2. Thanks for your info! I was there as well, spoke with some locals who told me this was his house. After an internet search I found a map pointing to the same house with a reference to his purchase and the name of the celebrity he purchased it from. I suppose it’s possible that both those sources are inaccurate, but without proof, it’s all hearsay, isn’t it? 🙂