Turning to Tiny Houses

Resenting that mortgage payment? Having a hard time covering all the expenses in your home? Feel like you spend all your time maintaining it instead of golfing, shopping or doing whatever you’d prefer to do with your spare time?

According to the following documentary trailer, there is a movement of people who are giving up their large homes and downsizing to a place the size of a tool shed in order to be more fiscally responsible, have more freedom, and to be environmentally responsible.

Can’t see the video? Click here.

This type of living is not without it’s problems. It seems there may be some legal issues that accompany owning a home of this size. You can read more about that on Kristen Dirkson’s blog post, Land of Time Home People: Northern CA’s Small House Movement. Dirkson is the filmmaker who created the documentary, due to be released this week.

If you want to read more about these tiny houses, visit these web sites:

For floorplan ideas, Tiny House Design has a book for sale.

If these seem too small for you, mobile homes offer a larger floorplan, and fewer potential restrictions.

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