Buying a Home

Map with spyglassThese days the real estate buying process can be compared to traveling to a foreign country.  Between having to translate a whole new language and being on an unfamiliar path, a friendly, attentive travel guide is just what you need to have the best possible trip to homeownership! You need a guide who will listen to your needs, understand the market, and with  experience and listening skills to guide your steps…will help you find the right path to a home you’ll love for a lifetime.  Sometimes the experience can be a slow, relaxed stroll to your destination, and other times you can find the path a little rocky. Either way, having good directions, sound advice, and a guide with knowledge of the market is vital to having the best home-buying experience possible.

Having the experience of being a homebuyer in a new market several times, I understand what a buyer is looking for in a guiding Real Estate Agent. You need someone with not only knowledge of the market and the home buying steps, but you also want someone who can listen to what you need and direct you to just the properties that fit YOU. I want to ensure that your path is as simple and enjoyable as possible. You are traveling to homeownership, you should be able to enjoy the trip!

Of course, viewing homes is only the first leg of the journey; ideally it’s followed by contract negotiations. Details of the contract should be communicated clearly in a language you understand, and every decision should be well-informed and comfortable for you. Once a contract is signed there are dates to juggle, deadlines to meet, and many timely interactions whose sole purpose is to ensure your closing happens as planned. All of which leads to the best part of the a trip, coming HOME!