Selling a Home

foot printSelling a home can be a smooth journey, even an enjoyable trip, if you have the right travel agent!  Marketing your home is similar to marketing a vacation destination.  You need to make sure your home is one the buyer wants to travel to, and never wants to leave once they come to see it!  Before buyers begin the first tour, every detail should be in place; paperwork, title relationships, marketing. Selling a home is a multi-step journey that begins with your first step of  the decision to list. There are several possible paths when selling your home and a good agent will explain the differences, the positives and potential pitfalls of sales, short sales, and leasing.

In today’s market, making your home accessible and attractive to the right buyers includes multi-site marketing, videos, open houses, Multiple Listing Service and location literature. Know exactly what you want?  Find an agent who can exceed all your expectations.  Is this your first time selling?  Having an agent who can explain and illuminate every step of the path, will eliminate unnecessary stress and worry.  They should market your home to the fullest extent, give you all the information you need to present your home in the best possible way, and follow up to request feedback from every potential buyer. 

Once you receive an offer, your agent will guide you through the options available for negotiating terms, and thoroughly explain the process every step of the way. Once in contract, they’ll work with the buyer and their agent to ensure the terms of the contract are met in a timely fashion that culminates in a sale on closing day.

So whether you are an experienced traveler down the road to selling a home, and just need the very best professional representation; or whether you are new to this adventure and want everything spelled out in clear language and need some reassuring guidance through your journey, get the real estate agent who makes a successful home sale smooth and enjoyable!